Personal Savings


Tailored for all women young and old in church:
• To empower women in church who in turn empowers the family and community
• Account that fulfi­ls dreams of women
• Incorporates fellowship among women and training in entrepreneurship and ­financial literacy
• Celebrates the Woman through annual conventions organised with Guest speakers / motivational speakers
• Offers parenthood training and counseling


Savings Account

Copy of ID

Copy of PIN

Passport size photograph

Opening balance Ksh500

King Solomon Account

Tailored for all men young and old in church:

To impact wisdom among men through seminars and motivational speakers

Will empower men on leadership

Nurture talent and promote it among the men be it in writing, music etc

Support men to own property or build property

Train men on Financial literacy, savings etc (Matt 6:29)


Copy of ID

Copy of PIN

Passport size photograph

Opening balance of Ksh 1000

Hazina Plus Account

This is a saving account that allows you to start saving for your new motor bike, new car, school fees or a deposit for your new home, with what you have now.

  • Opening balance Kshs500

  • Competitive Interest rates

  • No restriction on deposit into the account

  • Account maintenance fee Kshs500

  • You can bank at your convenience (Through M-PESA)


  • Original and Copy of National ID or Passport

  • Copy of pin certificate

  • 2 colored passport size Photographs

  • Copy of the utility bill/group

  • Certificate/registration/constitution

  • Complete our account opening Form

Msingi Imara Account

This is an account for children under the age of 18 years. It’s a children savings account that ensures a brighter future for your kids.


Helps in developing a savings culture in your children

No maintenance charges

Deposit savings for a period of not less than 6 months

No restrictions on deposits into the account

Attractive interest rates

Mobile banking

Free bankers cheque

Operated by the parent/guardian


Opening balance of Ksh.1000

Duly filled account application form

Copy of birth certificate/notification of the minor

Copy of ID/passport & Pin of the parent/guardian who will operate the account

Passport Photo of the minor

Nyota Njema Account

This is a build up saving account for a particular course e.g. Buying a Motor Bike, School fees, and development projects. It is a contractual account that allows one to save little by little

The money will be availed to you after the expiry of the stated term with accrued interest.


No maintenance charges

Attractive interest paid annually

You can bank at your convenience (M-PESA)

Fast processing of loans.


1. Original copy of national ID or valid passport

2. Copy of pin certi­ficate

3. 2 colored passport size photos

4. Copy of the utility bill/group certi­ficate/registration

5. A build up savings account

  • Email:

  • Phones:


    +254 711 606900

    Number National

    +254 20 2673327-8 /20 2055761 /20 3572799

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