How can I join SMEP Microfinance Bank?

By visiting the nearest SMEP Branch for account opening or by downloading our Mobile App from Play Store/Apple Store and opening an account from there. One can also form a self help group or join an existing group.

Who are the target customers for SMEP Microfinance Bank?

Any individual (young or old), organized and registered Self Help Groups, churches, institutions and corporates.

What are the requirements for account opening?

For individuals:

  • Original ID card, passport photo, PIN certificate and minimum opening balance.

For Groups:

  • The group must not be less than 10 members, MUST be registered with the Ministry of social services and have a constitution, minutes on resolution to open the account

For Churches/Institutions/Businesses/Corporates:

  • Certificate of Registration/Incorporation, resolution to open the account, Original ID cards, passport photos, PIN certificates of signatories, minimum opening balance and the Constitution (Churches)

How long does it take for a client to be funded?

Once a client opens an account with us, he/she will be required to operate the account for at least three months. The client then can borrow. If in a group, they will undergo training for a period of 8 weeks and will be allowed to borrow.

What is SMEP Microfinance Bank core business?

Provide credit to all Kenyans for enterprise development.

What is the maximum amount of loan one can get and for how long?

You can obtain any amount with a flexible repayment period.

Is there a grace period?

Yes, one month for individuals, one month for groups meeting monthly and two weeks for the groups meeting weekly

What are the requirements/ conditions for getting SMEP Microfinance Bank loan?

For individuals


  • Conventional securities
  • Demonstrate the ability to repay the loan

For groups

  • You must be a member of a registered self help group and trained by SMEP Microfinance Bank
  • You must demonstrate an ability to repay the loan

For Churches/Institutions/Businesses/Corporates:

  • 6 months bank statement
  • Conventional securities
  • You must demonstrate an ability to repay the loan

What securities are acceptable to SMEP Microfinance Bank loans?

We accept both chattels and other conventional securities.

What type of loans do you give?

We offer financial solutions to all your needs (see our products )

Are there any hidden charges on the loan?

No. There are no hidden charges except from the insurance in case a member dies (loan disbursement fee). Everything is done openly and questions raised are addressed before the loan is disbursed.

Does SMEP have mobile banking?

Yes, by dialing *741#, you access your account from anywhere. You need to be registered for this service in order to use it.

Does SMEP have a PayBill number where I can deposit money directly from M-PESA?

Yes, kindly use PayBill No. 777001 and your SMEP account number as the ACCOUNT NUMBER

I made a deposit via M-PESA but the money is not reflecting in my account

Please call our Customer Care for assistance on 0711-606900

Do you have a Mobile App where one can open an account online without visiting the Bank?

No. But we are in the process of developing one which will be released to the public soon.